I've Been True to the Game of Basketball:
15 Habits of a Happier You and I

Many people exercise by playing sports, or know someone who does. Having played sports almost my entire life, I have a few pearls of wisdom about this form of exercise:

1.  To gain an advantage, focus on a full-body workout. In sports, your base (waist down) is more important than your upper body except the mind, eyes, and heart. A full-body workout will bring more life to your conversations and rejuvenate your outlook.

I met a 74-year-old man playing full-court basketball at the Run-N-Shoot. He was a teammate of Oscar Robertson (The Big O) on the Cincinnati Royals. He's a joy to watch because of his subtle technique and confidence. He has a team called Man Up. If you would like to read the definitive book on basketball, I encourage you to check out The Big O's book, The Art of Basketball. I'm sure there is a book for those who play other sports as well. Whatever book you read on your sport, be sure to interpret the words on the pages correctly and add your touch.

2.  Use your imagination to visually practice the techniques. Try blocking 30 minutes of time, identify the skill(s), count the number of mental repetitions and sets. Then try it on the field. I think you will like the results. 

3.  Listen to your body and check with your physician before starting an exercise program.
4.  Do a variety of exercises.
5.  If a body part hurts, don't aggravate it and seek medical attention.
6.  During the exercise, mentally focus on the body part you're exercising.
7.  Smile at least two genuine smiles while resting during an hour workout.
8.  Vary cardio routines, including length of time, day, and speed.
9.  Have at least one brief conversation before or during workout.
10.  Compete with a subgoal in mind (repetition required before going to the next level) and reaching
        a goal.
11.  Remember less is more if done correctly.
12.  Drink eight glasses of water a day.  Start the day with one glass and drink less with meals.  Don't
       drink it all at once.
13.  Eat a variety of nourishing foods (including some fruit on an empty stomach).
14.  Drink no more than 1.5 cups of your favorite sport drink after exercise.
15.  Don't eat within four hours of exercising for optimal stomach strength.

Here's wishing you a life of swishes and assists.

Raj works to help organizations, teams, and professionals consistently play at the top of their game to increase productivity and performance. He is the author of Winning at Entrepreneurship, and practical leading edge performance research, Winning Mental Pyramid. Contact him at 864.569.2315, e-mail raj@rajgavurla.com or visit www.thebusinessbuilder.org www.motivateresults.com to learn more. Copyright 2003 LiiiVEN™. All rights reserved.



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