Do You Understand Leadership?

The majority of employees are not in a leadership position (i.e. Executive, Manager, Captain, Supervisor, Team Leader, etc.). To understand leadership, one must know how to express compassion. Compassion should be expressed via verbal and written interactions and by taking "spirit enhancing action" of compassion to generate "spirit enhancing results" of compassion. This is a priceless insight for employees who would like to become a leader in business and life. It serves as a priceless reminder for individuals in a leadership role.

Many times, compassion is what separates who is promoted when all else is equal. Compassion also stimulates new ideas for profitable services and products.

At work, I saw an employee who received training on a new system struggling and stressed. She didn't ask for help because she felt if she went to the project manager or manager each would be disappointed and it would reflect badly on her. I took it upon myself to take a "spirit enhancing action" of compassion. I wasn't assigned to the project and took action by spending twenty (20) minutes discussing the new system to resonate with her.

She generated three "spirit enhancing results":

1. She started having fun again and engineered a robust project
2. She told the manager and project manager of my efforts to help
3. Each of us was taken to a "New Best Level".

What "spirit enhancing action" of compassion are you taking at work to bring business and life?

Raj works to help organizations, teams, and professionals consistently play at the top of their game to increase productivity and performance. He is the author of Winning at Entrepreneurship, and practical leading edge performance research, Winning Mental Pyramid. Contact him at 864.569.2315, e-mail or visit to learn more. Copyright 2003 LiiiVEN™. All rights reserved.