Levels of Transition

You and I are continually transitioning. There is birth, attending school, the teenage years, adulthood, college years, and careers. As a speaker, I’m certainly transitioning. So are you.

There must be involvement for transition to occur, and your level of involvement determines your level of transition. Each day you face opportunities to raise the platform, stay the same, or decrease your productivity. Which do you choose to involve yourself in?

Transitioning through Health. Do you determine your health by how much you weigh? You shouldn’t. Your health is much more than weight. The primary factors to consider are:

If we overeat, drink too much coffee or liquor, sleep poorly, or fail to exercise, our transition may be downward. However, if we eat a healthy diet, exercise regularly for health and longevity, and drink eight glasses of water a day for cell hydration, we’ll live longer and transition upward.

Transitioning through Business Development. Let’s face it: We’re all in sales, and the right sales are essential to our transition. Increased business development and growth brings happiness and profitability.

Transitioning through Adaptability. I talked with a representative of a well- known company and was told that every new employee is paid the same amount because “it has been that way forever and it works.” I wanted to tell her that the practice better change because it’s myopic. People need to wake up every day with variety in mind even though they are going to the same place. Positive change transitions a company’s employees and customers like nothing else. It makes people adaptable, and what can be better for a speaker? Can you name one company that hasn’t experienced positive change within the past ten years? No, because it would be out of business.

Transitioning through Variety. It’s essential for speakers to use a variety of skills with style when delivering a keynote. My audiences and I have the most fun with my variety of voice inflections. What do you use to add variety to your life and to your business? Every day and every experience can be a transformation to a more meaningful level of growth for you. 

Originally published in Soundly Speaking, the official publication of NSA Georgia, November 2005

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