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Welcome to my expert speaking professionally,  coach, and author website.  We are glad you are  here.  We want to help you anyway we can.

Helps Performers & Achievers Stop Sabotaging Themselves By Unlocking A Winning Performance Through Elite Mental Strategies.

Contact me for private personal professional confidential help and support at 864.569.2315.

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About Raju


Raj Gavurla is an expert who speaks professionally, coach, and author.

He started his career as an automation and controls engineer with a focus on distributed controls system design, configuration, and to optimize effective and efficient solutions in the utility and pulp & paper industries. As a result of years in this field, he discovered performers and achievers have a passion to advance at any age. Similar to players/athletes, they received the education, training, and coaching without receiving elite mental strategies, tools, and skills.

Combined with his experience and desire to help, he took to the stage with the goal of reaching as many performers and achievers as possible to stop sabotaging themselves by unlocking a winning performance through elite mental strategies. Today, his talks inspire, edu-train-ment, and positively motivate with clean funny actionable steps. Raj is a sought after professional speaker, coach, and author. His book, manual, and workbooks bring out your authentic gifts, talents, and skills to live your dreams and have clear goals with private personal professional confidential programs and services.

He’s been in front of many groups with people from different industries including individuals and their family, many types of organizations, many types of teams including founders, owners, entrepreneurs, executives, professionals, teachers, sports players/athletes, actors & actresses, campers, patients, students, older population, community, and schools representing the full spectrum of age (older generations to youth).

If you are looking for someone to inspire, edu-train-ment, and positively motivate with clean funny your performers and achievers, Raj Gavurla is the answer for your next event.

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Thanks again for considering me for your event.  You can take the next step by checking my availability.  Just click on the button below and fill out the brief form.  We'll get back with you soon and see how we may be able to partner together.


When I speak and coach performers and achievers you learn something new, implement and apply the learning, and experience beneficial tangible results.


Immediate real feedback from my programs and coaching: This involves creating and seeing the beneficial tangible results of your applied learning, ideally in real time.

Usually the problem or issue to solve is in one of the following:

1. Apprehensive About Competing at A Higher Level
2. Negative Environment & Culture Created by Specific People
3. Overthinking
4. Unstable Confidence
5. Performance Anxiety &/or Overwhelm

My expertise and specialization is non medical. I create a beneficial and fun experience for our customers (performers and achievers) based on their dreams and have clear goals. I have customers who also see a medical professional. I do not diagnose anyone with a medical condition. Psychologists, counselors, therapists, and medical doctors diagnose and treat medical conditions.

Contact me for private personal professional confidential help and support at 864.569.2315.

Raju's Talks


Live Your Dreams & Have Clear Goals; It’s Worth Seeing That Again.

An epiphany provoking, inspirational, edu-train-ment, and positive motivational riveting program where you live your dreams and have clear goals.  

You will learn the one essential and three initiatives for you to live your dreams and have clear goals. 


Your “The Zone & The Zone Effect”; You Don’t Need To Struggle or Suffer.

Inspire, edu-train-ment, and positively motivate you and your team’s performance process outcomes to experience your “The Zone & The Zone Effect” breakthroughs in learning.

You will learn the characteristics of flow and implement and apply the beneficial breakthroughs in learning.


Winning At Entrepreneurship
Join The Movement.

Whether you are an entrepreneur or corporate executive, Raj applies innovation and entrepreneurial thinking for your organization.


You will learn the difference between innovation, entrepreneurial leadership, transformation, and when to use them in your organization’s environment and cultural continuum.

Raju's Testimonials

Image by Alesia Kaz

“Raj Gavurla is a dynamic speaker who helped my organization to better employee communication skills. He researched the ins and outs of my business and company climate before even taking the stage. He is professional and knowledgeable about his subject. I would highly recommend him to any company looking to have a more positive mindset.”

Mary Y Bryan

Executive Director, Laurel Crest Retirement Center

“Raj tells his story from the heart and inspires others to go beyond where they are today. I would highly recommend Raj as a motivational speaker for any group. His message is pertinent to everyone.”



“Raj Gavurla has written a book about “winning at entrepreneurship”. Read this book with a good marking pen because it contains a ton of valuable advice for all business owners.”

 Pat Williams

Senior Vice President, Orlando Magic

“Thank you!!!!! ….. for your time, your effort and most importantly the value you brought to us on Thursday. The content was very good. We’re a hard group to please in that we are always looking for hard-hitting information and advice that will directly impact the success of our businesses. In your presentation, you showed us how to apply entrepreneurial thinking to the company. Of particular value to me, I came to understand the importance of my mood in motivating and influencing people.”

Tom Cramer

Founder & Co-Chairman, The Brain Trust


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